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Bringing humanity to the human experience.

Corey C. - Microsoft's GitHub

“What sets Beto apart is his genuine and down-to-earth approach. He didn't come across as a typical motivational speaker with generic advice. Instead, he shared personal stories and experiences that made his message resonate on a deeper level. It was refreshing to see someone practice what they preach and embodies the principles they teach."



Beto Divino is known for his energetic and unique approach on life. 

Alberto “Beto Divino” Rivas, an ubiquitous presence in Oklahoma, has always been driven by his passion for people. As a Two-Spirit First American Citizen of the Chickasaw Nation and proud Chicano, Beto has left an indelible mark on both local and statewide efforts for over fifteen years, channeling his energy into diverse initiatives spanning the realms of the arts, mental health, and nonprofits...

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